Chevron Lummus Global Awarded Contract for NRL Expansion Project

  • Scope includes technology license, basic engineering services, proprietary equipment and catalyst supply, training and technical services 
  • Award highlights the third licensed unit in India employing CLG's LC-FINING platform
  • Plant to upgrade vacuum residue and clarified oil from existing and new units
RICHMOND, February 01, 2021 – Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) today announced that it has been awarded a technology contract by Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) for their refinery expansion project in Numaligah, Golaghat, Assam, India. CLG's scope includes the license, process design package, proprietary equipment, catalyst supply, training and technical services.
Projected to start up in 2025, the plant will employ CLG's LC-FINING technology with an integrated VGO hydrotreater to upgrade vacuum residue and clarified oil from existing and new units. Combining the two technologies gives NRL the ability to produce feedstock for petrochemicals with a low investment. The process involves upgrading residue to make feed for high propylene FCC with ease, safety and reliability. This is the second major license awarded by NRL to CLG, demonstrating faith in both technology and operational support over the years. We value our customers' confidence in our technology and take pride in helping them optimize product quality, yields, capital investment and operating costs.
This is the third licensed unit in India employing CLG's LC-FINING platform. CLG's LC-FINING ebullating bed residue hydrocracking technology provides high conversion of residues selectively to liquid products and high removal of metals, sulfur and CCR from difficult feedstocks. Our integrated designs provide low-cost superior performance with proven safety and a high-reliability track record.  
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