Renewable Fuels

Renewable Fuels

Efficiency and sustainability are paramount in today's evolving energy landscape, and at CLG, we understand this significance. We specialize in providing innovative solutions and advanced catalysts that drive the production of renewable fuels, base oils, and petrochemicals in refineries. With our expertise and breakthrough catalysts, refineries can unlock the full potential of renewable feedstocks, maximize yields, and enhance their environmental stewardship.

One of our notable offerings is the BIOFUELS ISOCONVERSION process, a groundbreaking technology developed through a joint effort between CLG and Applied Research Associates (ARA). This process enables refineries to produce 100% drop-in fuels from low-cost, contaminated waste feedstocks such as yellow grease, brown grease, and used cooking oil. 

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CLG’s ISOTERRA technology is an all-hydroprocessing route designed specifically for converting lipid-rich feedstocks into ASTM-approved renewable diesel or sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This technology provides a viable and sustainable alternative for the transportation sector, helping to mitigate the carbon footprint associated with conventional fuels. 

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