CLG’s all-hydroprocessing technology route for base oil production outperforms all other processing schemes because it selectively concentrates and isomerizes the molecular structure of wax into desirable isoparaffins. Using CLG’s technology for base oils, refiners maximize product yields while producing superior product qualities.

CLG’s three-step, all-hydroprocessing scheme includes:

  • ISOCRACKING technology (or hydrotreating if processing solvent extracted raffinates) to increase VI and improve thermal stability
  • ISODEWAXING technology to reduce pour point
  • ISOFINISHING technology to improve oxidation stability and color
Chevron’s Richmond, California refinery was the first all-hydroprocessing base oil facility to receive ISO 9002 certification and is now ISO 9001:2008 certified.

All-hydroprocessing, the most efficient processing scheme for producing high-quality
base oils, includes three steps: ISOCRACKING, ISODEWAXING and ISOFINISHING.