Bottom of the Barrel Upgrading


Proven Economics, Better Performance

Based on the well-proven LC-FINING technology reactor platform, LC-SLURRY technology offers the industry’s best heavy oil hydroprocessing technology to convert nearly 100 percent of heavy oils/SDA tar to high-value products. This new technology is based on a unique, high activity catalyst that is recycled and recovered in the process (ISOSLURRY® catalyst), eliminating fouling concerns associated with other catalyst or additive systems. From extensive pilot plant testing on various heavy residues in CLG’s laboratories, LC-SLURRY has consistently demonstrated up to 115 vol% liquid yield and up to 75 vol% Euro V diesel (after VGO ISOCRACKING technology), with no undesirable low-value streams, redefining heavy oil hydroprocessing.

Experience the Difference

LC-SLURRY utilizes a highly active, ultra-fine, proprietary bimetallic ISOSLURRY catalyst. The major benefits to using this catalyst include unmatched feed flexibility (allowing your process to handle the most difficult residues), and excellent unconverted residue quality, while offering superior and stable conversion.

This modern technology is also the best strategic choice in terms of slurry hydroprocessing due to its use of proven and optimal reactor temperature and pressure, leading to superior hydrogenation, coke suppression, and stable and reliable operation.

LC-SLURRY is built upon the extensively commercially proven LC-FINING technology, in which CLG has over 50 years of experience. With a combination of a superior slurry catalyst, optimum hydroprocessing conditions and a proven reactor platform, LC-SLURRY can reliably upgrade even the most difficult molecules into high yields of valuable products.