Chevron Lummus Global Announces Start-up of Saudi Aramco's Luberef II Yanbu Refinery Expansion


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Richmond, CA – March 22, 2018 – Chevron Lummus Global LLC (CLG) is pleased to announce the successful start-up of Saudi Aramco’s Luberef II Yanbu Refinery Expansion Project using CLG’s all-hydroprocessing technologies for the production of premium Group II and Group III base oils.
CLG provided the license, basic engineering design and catalysts for its ISOCRACKING, ISODEWAXING and ISOFINISHING technologies at Luberef’s base oil units for the production of high-quality Group II/III base oils in Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Aramco has always been a producer of Group I base oils. CLG’s unit technology will now allow Saudi Aramco Luberef to enter the market for Group II and Group III hydroprocessed base oils allowing them and their customers to formulate premium lubricants for top-tier lubricants markets.
A major benefit for the region will be significant premium base oil supply to the west coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula.  Luberef has decided to operate predominantly in Group II mode.
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