Chevron Lummus Global and TAQAT Announce License and Engineering Agreement for Needle Coke/Synthetic Graphite Complex

RICHMOND, Calif., May 25, 2023– Chevron Lummus Global LLC (CLG) announced a recent contract award from TAQAT Development Company for a new 75,000 TPA needle coke/synthetic graphite complex inRabigh, Saudi Arabia. Under the agreement, Chevron Lummus Global will provide pilot plant testing, licensing, basic design, and additional engineering and operations support. The feedstock will be supplied by Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical Company (Petro Rabigh).

The grassroots complex will utilize CLG's two-step coking process to convert feedstock streams, which would otherwise be used as fuel oil, into high-quality needle coke, and synthetic graphite. This process helps to reduce environmental impact by repurposing feedstock streams that would otherwise be considered lower-value or waste materials into valuable products, contributing to a more sustainable approach to resource utilization.

CLG's proprietary technology is the result of decades of continual refinement and accumulated data from over 60 unit designs and commercial installations. It has proven to be a superior option for converting heavy feedstocks into in-demand products like needle coke and synthetic graphite. This contract award highlights CLG's expertise and leadership in the field of advanced carbon products.

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TAQAT Development Company is a leading Saudi Arabian energy company, The company is a leader and innovator in the global energy market, and a key contributor to the economic growth and development of the MENA region. TAQAT is constantly seeking out new opportunities to invest in and develop solutions to meet the region’s emerging technology energy needs. TAQAT is commercializing a wide range of energy products and services, including high-quality petroleum coke and renewable energy solutions. The company is committed to innovation and sustainability and is investing heavily in research and development of new technologies to improve the energy ecosystem in the region. For more information, visit

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